Meet Exporo: Interview with Business Intelligence Analyst Talha Mubeen

Our Business Intelligence team is part of the IT department. Talha Mubeen is a Business Intelligence Analyst and predicts client investments. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a focus on Enterprise Information Systems in Australia, he later studied Theoretical Computer Science in his Master’s degree. We had a coffee with Talha and chatted about business analytics and his work as a business analyst at Exporo.

Find out what it is like to work as a Business Intelligence Analyst at Germany's leading real estate crowdfunding platform.
Hi Talha, tell us a little about yourself.
Talha: I work in Business Intelligence at Exporo. I mostly focus on computer science and machine learning. I predict how much customers will invest in the next 3 or 6 months.
What is a day packed with data and algorithms like?
Talha: It’s fun. It feels like work but it’s fun for me. I wake up late, I arrive to work and then there’s programming, graphs, visualization tools and tables for the data that I create. But there are also long lunch breaks where you can enjoy time with colleagues and play football table.
Can you give our readers an example of how you work on a project from start to finish?
Talha: There is a lot of research involved because it’s kind of new and specific. It hasn’t been done before. So I have to look at other research on how others have done something similar. After that, I come up with an idea of what has to be done and what the requirements are and I try to fulfill all of them. I design a model based on my research and the requirements. If it’s a prediction model, I have to predict how much the customer will invest. I then get started and build the first prototype. I have the first model running and we test it. I have meetings with other people such as the Marketing team. Feedback from other people is also taken into account and used to improve the model. If the results are good and the requirements are met then the model goes into production.
What fascinates you about your work?
Talha: I like what I am doing. I like machine learning, algorithms and mathematics. Other than that, the work culture at Exporo is very nice, which I really like. It’s very relaxed.
Tell us a little bit about the work culture.
Talha: It involves starting late thanks to flex time, taking a lunch break and playing kicker. But it’s not all fun and games, there’s work to be done as well!

What inspired you to become a business intelligence analyst?
Talha: I had just finished my Master’s degree and wrote my thesis. Most of my research was done on machine learning algorithms, mathematics and statistics. I really enjoyed that work. I wasn’t planning on becoming a Business Intelligence analyst. It just kind of happened. My role here is mainly in data science and machine learning. There are a lot of sub fields in business intelligence. Data science and machine learning are a part of business intelligence and that is what I focus on.
What do you find fascinating about Business Intelligence?
Talha: To be honest, I wanted to go into business when I was in high school. But towards the end of highschool I realized that everyone is studying business. It’s not that challenging and maybe even a little boring. And if everyone studies it, there may not be many job opportunities. IT seemed better for me at the time. That’s the reason why I went into IT. Then I needed to get more experience. I enjoy mathematics and I was able to get into the Master’s program for computer science. After that I wanted to focus on machine learning and data science.
So, how do you become a Business Intelligence Analyst?
Talha: You have to come from an IT background. It just kind of happens. I wasn’t looking for a Business Intelligence job and who knows, maybe after this I won’t do this anymore.
Name three elements that are crucial for a successful team?


  • Good office culture: relaxed & fun
  • People should be honest and open.
  • Hard working.
Best IT joke ever? :D

TalhaThe Girl Who Proved P = NP


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