Status 01.11.2020
We are required by law to provide you with the following status-related information prior to the first investment brokerage. We must also provide you with information on remuneration and benefits as well as on risks, costs, incidental costs and conflicts of interest before the start of an investment brokerage or before the conclusion of a transaction.


Exporo AG

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20457 Hamburg


Fax: 040 - 210 91 73 - 99

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Exporo AG is registered as a financial investment intermediary with a license according to § 34f para. 1 sentence 1 No. 3 of the German Trade Regulation Act (GewO) in the register according to § 34f para. 5, § 11a para. 1 GewO. Legal representative with mediation responsibility is Simon Brunke.

The registration can be verified by inspecting the broker register on the website

Exporo AG offers brokerage services for the financial investments of the issuers named on the respective project detail pages of Exporo AG. The project detail pages are available at

The address of the authority responsible for granting permission in accordance with § 34f para. 1 GewO is:

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Adolphsplatz 1, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. 040 / 36 13 8-138, Fax: 040 / 36 13 8-401, Mail:

The registration number under which Exporo AG is entered in the Register of Intermediaries is: Register No. D-F-131-CFSZ-68.

Exporo AG is entered in the Commercial Register of the Hamburg District Court under the registration number HRB 134393."


Exporo AG receives loan-related remunerations from the respective issuer. The remunerations include costs for the brokerage of the subordinated loan capital for Exporo AG - including the costs incurred by it for legal and tax advice, preparation of the issuing documents, payment processing as well as customer service and marketing. The respective remuneration is listed in the offering documents for the respective investment.

From the time of the subscription of the respective subordinated loan until the expiry of the respective asset investment, the issuer incurs loan-dependent remuneration for the support of the investors by and for Exporo AG. The respective remuneration is listed in the offering documents for the respective asset investment.
Without the contributions, Exporo AG would not be able to operate the platform and provide its associated services and brokerage. In this respect, the contributions do not prevent the proper brokerage of the investments offered on the platform in the interest of the subordinated lender.



Information on the risks associated with the respective asset investment (including an explanation of leverage effects and their effects as well as the risk of losing the entire capital investment, the limitations of the market available for such asset investments, etc.) shall be provided to the investor in a standardised form in the offering documents for the respective asset investment as part of the subscription for the asset investment. The offering documents also contain a sufficiently detailed general description of the type of investment. The offering documents shall be made available prior to the conclusion of the contract. The investor is requested to read the risk information contained therein on the respective investment in full before making his investment decision. The investor must confirm that he has read the risk information at the beginning of the investment process before making his investment decision. A summary of the risks and the investment can also be found in an investment information sheet for the respective investment, which is also provided to the investor at the beginning of the investment process prior to his investment decision.

Costs, incidental costs, other costs, taxes

As a result of transactions with the relevant investments, the investor may have to assume financial or other obligations, including contingent liabilities, which are in addition to the costs of acquiring the investment; for example, in the case of individual debt financing of the acquisition of the investment by the investor. There are no margin requirements or similar obligations for the investor. In connection with the investment subscribed by the investor and the brokerage of this investment via the online platform, the investor shall only pay the investment amount subscribed by him and stated in the offer form as the total price. No premium, commission or other additional costs are payable by the investor. The taxation of the income generated by the investor from the respective investment depends on his personal circumstances and may be subject to future changes. The investor is recommended to seek advice from a tax advisor if necessary. The costs incurred in this regard shall be borne by the investor personally. In addition, the investor may incur further costs of his own in connection with the respective investment in individual cases, such as costs for his own research, the purchase of information material subject to a charge, and the like.

Payments, consideration

After the confirmed conclusion of the contract, the investor must pay the proceeds subscribed by him into the trust account specified in the offer form and managed by the payment service provider secupay AG (Goethestrasse 6, 01896 Pulsnitz) for onward transfer to the respective account at the respective lending bank (currently Raisin Bank AG, Niedenau 61-63, 60325 Frankfurt am Main), unless he has set up a direct debit procedure for the collection of his investment amount to the aforementioned trust account. As a rule, payment shall be made within ten days of the conclusion of the contract. If the investment progresses according to the forecast, the investor will receive the invested amount back at the end of the respective contract term of the investment and a fixed interest rate p.a., which is also payable at maturity and whose amount varies depending on the project (calculated to the day). In the event of unscheduled poor performance of the investment, there may be a partial or complete default on repayment of the investment amount and/or the interest.

Conflicts of interest

In the performance of the brokerage services of Exporo AG via the platform provided by it, conflicts of interest may arise between Exporo AG or bodies and employees of Exporo AG (hereinafter jointly referred to as "employees") and the investors as well as between the investors. Conflicts of interest can arise in particular if Exporo AG or its employees themselves invest directly or indirectly in an investment offered on the platform or its provider and/or issuer. In the aforementioned cases, Exporo AG or its employees could be interested in having as many visitors to the platform subscribe to this investment as quickly as possible and grant as much capital as possible. Against this background, Exporo AG or its employees could carry out the appropriateness test to be performed by Exporo AG or its employees based on their own interests and release the investment for investors as appropriate, even though it would not be appropriate for the investor in the specific case. Exporo AG or its employees could carry out the plausibility check of the information posted on the platform on this investment in their own interests and allow the posting of information that is not plausible after their own examination. This could also be the case if Exporo AG or its employees obtain information on the investment and/or its provider/issuer which is not passed on in order not to jeopardise the raising of capital and the implementation of the project. Conflicts of interest between investors can arise, among other things, if there is a high demand for an investment that exceeds the respective funding limit. In the case of personal knowledge of investors, Exporo AG or its employees could grant preferences. In the event that the asset investment is offered as other investments in the form of pro-rata subordinated loan receivables, the provider of the asset investment, usually a subsidiary of Exporo AG, steps in between the investor and the lending bank. This Exporo subsidiary is authorised by the investors to instruct the collateral trustee in the context of the administration and realisation of the collateral provided for the investment. In this case, conflicts of interest may arise between the Exporo subsidiary and the investors and among the investors to the effect that only individual investors wish to take certain measures within the scope of the collateral management and realisation.
Exporo AG has in particular, but not conclusively, taken the organisational precautions mentioned below which are intended to avoid conflicts of interest as far as possible. Insofar as Exporo AG receives benefits in connection with the offered investments, these are disclosed in the investment information sheet applicable to the respective investment. Exporo AG continuously monitors the legal and contractual conduct of its employees, who are regularly trained with regard to the legal requirements placed on them and the avoidance of conflicts of interest. Compliance with the legal requirements imposed on Exporo AG as an intermediary is audited annually by an auditor. There is a prohibition on giving advice or recommendations on the investments offered. Acceptances from investors are received chronologically after they are received. The appropriateness check is carried out digitally as part of the subscription process, so that any influence by employees of Exporo AG is fundamentally excluded. In order to avoid conflicts of interest in the realisation of collateral, there shall be contractual provisions, such as, for example, that the investors can pass majority resolutions to issue instructions to the respective Exporo subsidiary and the collateral trustee.


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